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A very very exciting few months.

July saw the premiere of my piece Tiger's Nest, for percussion, two pianos, two solo gamelan, and gamelan ensemble as part of the Cheltenham Festival. Fabulous work from Joby Burgess, Zubin Kanga, Rick Uttley, Jonathan Roberts, Isabelle Carré, Rob Campion and all the Cheltenham gamelanistas, and a beautiful recording from those invaluable folk at the BBC!

In September, after a couple of years or workshops and planning,  my "opera" Lost in Thought was premiered as part of the Transcender Festival at the Barbican/St. Lukes. For a breakdown of the piece, see the works page. It was a scary attempt to hybridise two of my greatest loves, silent retreats and music, and has had a great reaction from much of the audience I have spoken to, whilst simultaneously causing two august critics to practically spontaneously combust with indignation. A strong reaction is always an indicator, I like to think! I want to sincerely thank all those involved from my publishers Ricordi for the beautiful parts and scores to all the musicians and those at Mahogany Opera Group for their support, belief, love, hugs and all the rest. I am looking forward to its future.

And also thinking a lot about where it leads me, as a composer...