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Had a wonderful time with Messiaen's AMAZING Vingt Regards last week, and delighted that it was really nicely filmed and recorded - you can watch a new piece every day, and then the whole sequence from 5th January here: https://www.facebook.com/stjohnssmithsquare/videos/1083294782084037 or on St.Johns Youtube channel. Enjoy!

Here are some thoughts I wrote beforehand

I worked with Messiaen as a student, when my friend George Benjamin invited him to the RCM in 1987. I met and played to him and Yvonne Loriod, and it was one of the formative influences in my career, as well the start of a thread that continues to this day (I was the first pianist to play Turangalila after OM's death - a very moving experience, with Ashkenazy and the RPO.) I have recorded and played a lot of the music and it's been a very strong influence on my own music in obvious, and subtle ways.
Early in lockdown, back in April, my father, Christopher Hind, died in a home. A horrible experience for the family, as we couldn't visit and haven't yet been able to have a meaningful memorial. One way I directed my energies in those times of mourning, and great uncertainty for all of us, was to invite composer friends to write little Lockdown responses: I now have an amazing set of some 80 pieces, some of which have now been played in public. The beginning of the set was my own piece, Khaga (Bird, or "sky-gone" in Sanskrit.)
When I was invited to play The Vingt Regards it felt very auspicious: my opportunity - after so long - to play the whole wondrous set. The 10th December is also Messiaen's birthday; and by complete coincidence, my father would have been 85 on that day.