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Here is a recording, a rather lovely one, of my piece Tiger's Nest for percussion pianos and gamelan, that was played in the PRS New Music Bieenial in July 2019 - and so has had 4 performances in the space of a week - a delight for any composer. In this version, I am playing, along with the percussionist Colin Currie, the pianist Zubin Kanga, the solo gamelan players, Isabelle Carré and Rob Campion, and the wonderful Southbank Gamelan Players. Hope you enjoy.


Up next another piece for gamelan and piano, details soon, premiering in London and Oxford this November.

I'm also currently working on a large scale piece for the BBC SIngers and the cellist Robin Michael which has its premiere in March 2020, and sets some of one of my very favourite books, Roberto Callasso's KA, an epic and extraordinary rewriting of Hindu myth and history.

And other compositional thoughts in bud, a solo piece for cello legend Frances-Marie Uitti, another for accordionist extraordinaire Andreas Borregaard, and an operatic idea, that I hope hope hope will come to see the light of day...